"I used to feel so nervous and self consious in front of the camera, but Scott managed to make me feel totally relaxed and myself in our session.  My Treadshots captured the REAL me!  I can't wait for our next shoot!"

Rachel Bay Jones
"Scott is a grace to work with not merely as a photographer, but as a man. It comes across clearly that he cares about your experience during the shoot and your happiness with the finished product. For those of us who aren't in the entertainment business and certainly not models, he becomes an educator and a gentle coach for revealing your best self to the camera. You'll laugh, you may roll your eyes a bit. You'll like Scott very much, but you'll love the YOU that he somehow finds in the film."

Jennifer Daigle
"Scott’s immense talent as a photographer is enhanced by his years of experience in casting, directing and performing.  He knows what makes a good photo and he knows what makes a great photo!  His calm, his sense of humor, his use of light, his emphasis on the eyes, his relaxed but businesslike attitude all make for the best photos and photo shoot you’ll ever experience!  I love the guy, you will, too!”

Stewart Gregory

"A session with Scott is more like having coffee with a friend than doing a photo shoot. And because of that, his shots are natural and real. As long as Treadshots is in business, I'll never go anywhere else."

Nancy Duckles

"I am a person who lacks confidence in my looks but Scott made me feel so comfortable and he certainly made me look good!  Can’t go wrong with Treadshots!"

Jan Anderson Robbins

“Scott’s vision, approach, and process is top notch. It is rare to find a photographer who is so personable, artistic, and light-hearted. And his ability to focus on his clients’ eyes is astounding. #Treadshots are the real deal!”

Steven Grant Douglas
Actor-Singer-Musician New York, NY


"My Real Estate team in Waynesville, NC wanted something different from the run-of-the-mill commercial photography that we usually see in social media and other advertising.  That's when we found Scott Treadway - and we weren't disappointed.  As women "of a certain age," our previous experience with photography had been unpleasant at best.  Scott's session was just the opposite.  He made us comfortable from the beginning to the end - and the results were sensational."

Lynn Donley and THE REAL TEAM

"Makes you feel relaxed and comfortable and is VERY patient.  It is just FUN working with Scott Treadway!"

Jan Richards

"Scott not only produces an exceptional end product, he relaxes and engages his clients in the process. He naturally leads with techniques that bring out your personal strengths. The results are unique shots with authenticity. Treadshots perfectly capture the story of you!"

Rebekah Babelay


Fun, easy going, smart, super talented, professional...that’s Scott. 

And that’s exactly what you get with a Treadshots session.  Scott puts you at ease and makes shooting fun, and because he also knows what it’s like to be in front of the camera, his coaching is spot on. He captures the real you. 

Scott is a true artist.