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Scott Treadway

Scott served as Associate Artistic Director for Flat Rock Playhouse, the State Theatre of North Carolina, for several years.  He had a trazillion (yes, trazillion) headshots cross his desk and watched twice as many auditions during the casting process.  He has lived the actor's life and understands the supreme importance of acquiring the best headshot possible.  And that's what you'll get.  



Headshots:  $225

A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required.  A session includes approximately 350 proofs (I'm easy, we'll keep going if we need to) .  Proofs will be provided via Google Drive.  You'll look them over and choose your top five (one of which will be your final formatted headshot).  I'll do full retouch on the headshot and add border and name specially prepared for  The other four?  I'll do general retouch for them too.  Make diverse choices so you're stocked with a Standard Theatre, Musical Theatre, Commercial and Film shot!

Turnaround is as fast as you pick your finals.